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Company Information  
MaxPro Leasing was founded to serve nationally the Entertainment and Media Production Industries with a specific focus on photo-audio-video, computer and broadcast equipment. This customer classification may seem broad. However, we classify our clients as any business that produces entertainment or media of any kind (See the link Our Clients which defines who they are).

Although there are a lot of leasing companies out there, we truly believed that we can  make a difference from a rate and service perspective for those companies in these industries as they make important financing decisions that will impact them for some time.

We heard about all the horror stories out there about other firms keeping advance payments, the unethical representations of others and the lack of service to these good firms. We had firms tell us they were excited that they actually got their calls returned. We knew this was inappropriate and wanted to make a positive impact for these firms and others

We immediately developed a code of conduct that we live by and classify as our CORE VALUES as listed below:

We want to have fun!
  • What better value or goal to have!
We are honest and upright citizens
  • We are the same people in our business life as we are in our personal life!
We want to grow our business
  • Knowledgeably, wisely, ethically, and profitably!
We reward our customers
  • With excellent and personal ongoing service!
  • With competitive & unique programs!
We want to leave lasting impressions
  • We want our customers to reflect on their positive experience with us!
  • We want a high repeat business percentage!
  • We want customer referrals!
We would rather walk from a deal than have it come back to us
  • We are in this for the long haul not for just one deal!
  • We can't be all things to everyone!
We don't want to do business with everybody
  • We want to build strong, valuable & long-term relationships!
  • We want to be a leader in our niche specific markets!

As we continued to grow our business and gain access to cheaper capital, we have expanded our customer base and will finance all types of equipment for any industries.

By specializing in these very specific markets, MaxPro Leasing is able to provide fast and efficient service, industry specific programs and extremely aggressive lease pricing.

As we see our industries affected by the many technological changes, leasing is becoming the preferred method of purchasing equipment.  Who wants to own equipment that will change over time and no longer offers the latest competitive technological advantages?  We challenge you to investigate our web-site to get a first hand look at why 8 out of 10 businesses are leasing in the United States.We thank you for visiting our web-site and hope we get the opportunity to earn your business.